You can find my portrait in Le chrome et le noir, written by Jean-Marc Beausoleil. An investigation into the Montreal graffiti scene.

I’m proud to be a part of this amazing book! Graffeuses, about french graffiti women from the early 1990s to today,

Graffeuses, Des années 90 à aujourd’hui, 40 filles du graffiti Élise Clerc, Audrey Derquenne Éditions Alternatives

Find me and my SGX Crew in All city Queen, book documenting female writers and crews from around the world.

 Thanks to Mag4Am magazine for giving me 3 pages in its 6th issue

I’ll be a part of All She Wrote documentary wich will be released in 2017. All She Wrote is a documentary about dedicated, ambitious women who stand up for what they believe in, push themselves to the limit, and at times, can risk their lives for their art. Each of these women has unique and individual circumstances. All of them are from completely different parts of the world but all of them brought the exact same passion into their hearts. Graffiti.

 In November 2014 I made an appearance for the Vrak Attak webTV.

 Find my portrait in Tic Art Toc magazine #1 and some illustrations in  magazine #1, #2 and #6

Midi Libre september 23th, 2014.

I’m proud to be a part of Hello my name is projectThe Hello My Name Is project, is the famous sticker is brought to life packed with artist interviews and artwork. Starting back in 2010 we slowly started collecting and organizing works featuring over 150 local and international artists. The challenge was to download the template from the raw website and to design anything they like, with no limitations and with any medium they wanted.

My crew and I have 3 double pages in Graff Bombz magazine # 56 

Find me in Y’a ecrit Kwa, a book for the curious who want to know all the secrets of graffiti.

The Kalis Alliance book, is a Graffiti/ Street Art colouring in book. Featuring 100 artists from all over the
world, many lesser and well known artists/designers from all walks of life. The idea of this
book release is to help the recognise these artists on a global scale, and exploring their ideas in the most stripped back for of style – the outline.